Project Introduction
1 Project Code : 3253
Project Title : Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) Light Concrete Blocks
Sector : Construction industry     Sub Sector : Building materials
3 Products/Services: Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) Light Concrete Bl
kordestan dehgolan
5 Project description :
Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) or autoclave foamed concrete is a high-tech concrete which was innovated in Sweden in the first decade of the 20th century. In 1920, Dr. Excel Erikson, the assistance professor of building technology in Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology manufactured gas concreted for the first time. He observed that by adding aluminum and cement powder to the mixture of lime and silica, a very light porous concrete is produced. But it has no sufficient strength. Following different examination he found that if the concrete be treated in high temperatures and pressures, a very strong porous concrete would be obtained which could act as an insulator due to the existence of gas bubbles within the concrete
6 Annual capacity: 90000 Cubicmeter
Project Status
7 Local / internal raw: 100 %
8 Anticipated sell in foreign markets: 50
9 Construction Period : 2 YEAR
Feasibility study available?
Required land provided?
Legal permissions (establishment license, foreign currency quota, environment, etc) taken?
Partnership agreement concluded with local/foreign investor?
Financing agreement concluded?
Agreement with local / foreign contractor(s) concluded?
Infrastructural utilities (electricity, water supply, telecommunication, fuel, road, etc) procured?
List of Know How
Purchase agreement for machinery, equipments and know
Financial Structure
Description Local Currency Required Foreign Currency Required ( Million Euro) Total Million Euro
Million Rials Exchange Rates Equivalent (Million Euro)
Fix Capital  32503  45000 0.722  1.1 1.822
Working Capital  7373  45000 0.164  0 0.164
Total Investment  39876  45000 0.886 1.1 1.986
Value of foreign equipment/machinery 1.12  million euro
Value of local equipment/machinery 0  million euro
Value of foreign technical know how 0  million euro
Value of local technical know how 0 million euro
Net Present Value (NPV) 1.55  million euro for 2 Year
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 38.98  %
Pay backPeriod (PP) 3  Year(s)
General Information
Mode of Financing /Investment:
Project Type : 
Company Profile
Owner User kuinvestment
Name (legal /natural persons) : dehgolanKordestan Organization for Economic Affair
Company Name: Investment Service Center
Address : Kordestan Organization for Economic Affairs and Finance, Opp. Huram Complex, Pasdaran Ave.
Tel: +98-871-3292-247
Fax: +98-871-3233-126
Web site:
Local entrepreneur :
Pre feasibility study:

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