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Updated: May, 2012.

1. Establishment permit for gray cement obtained for ministry of mine& industry & trade (department of yazdmine & industry) dated June 2003.
2. Establishment permit for white cement obtained for ministry of mine & industry & trade (department of yazd mine & industry) dated January 2011.
3. Mines exploration permit obtained for Lime and Alluvium dated October 2003 for exploring lime stone and alluvium mines and performing storage capacity,
 sampling, testing of production of highest quality completed in October 2005.
4. Construction of 12km access road and site network roads completed dated December 2007.
5. the surveying and preparation of topographic maps of the whole plant land one a of 100 hectares .
6. Construction of SKM boundary fence dated December 2007 .

7. Construction of 2200 SQ . meter multipurpose building in clouding administration, storage building for operation of the plant completed dated December 2007. 

8. Site mobilization of supervisors office completed dated November 2007 . 

9. Purchase of 8 MEGA WAT electricity network and instruction the required transformers dated December 2007.
10. Installation of 800 meters electricity network within the site dated November 2007. 

11. Exploration of mines in four (4) regions and preparation of find report by ZARYABAN dated November 2007.
12. Construction of 5.3 KM water conveyance line to maintain water supply during construction.
13. Application for purchase of gap line and installation of main in the entrance in the plant.
14. Plantation of olive and palm trees in 3 hectors within the site .dated November 2007.
15. Installation of 5.2 km irrigation network under pressure for the plantation in the site dated November 2007.

16. Industrial sampling to select the cement production line equipment and sending the results abroad Dated January 2008.
17. Extension geological and geophysical exploration to locate the water walls.
18. Purchase of two water walls permit in the capacity of 10 L/S from YAZD water authority for supply 5.11 L/S during the plant operation dated January 2008.
19. Construction of 2 Hectares open storage dated February 2008.
20. Purchase and imitation of 8 telephone lines dated February 2008.
21. Obtaining the approval of the YAZD regional electricity company for purchase of 8 Megawatts electricity for production dated February 2008.
22. Construction of 2000 cubic meter water reservation completed February 2008.
23. Construction of 30 percent of white cement production line include following departments:

A. Clinker yard
B. Additives and gypsum crusher
C. Ball mill

D. Cement silos
E. Packing department
F. Weighbridge
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