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The OIETAI was  founded  in June  1975 to conduct  and perform  a host  of  activities  which,  before  its  establishment,  were  delegated  to different  government  agencies. The  activities  mandated  to the OIETAI  have  all  an external  nature   with  global  international  affairs. It ranges from investment to financing as well as from bilateral to regional and international relations.
The  president  of  the  Organization  is  ex-officio  the  Deputy  Minister  for  Investments and  International  Affairs  of  the  Ministry  of  Economic  Affairs  and  Finance. The  Organization  performs  its  duties  in  accordance  with  its  statutes  and  such  other  legislation  governing  foreign  investment  in  Iran, Iranian  investments  abroad,  external  financing   whether  extending loans  and  credits  to  other  countries as well as  borrowings from  international  sources, coordinating  and  expanding relations  with other countries  and  regional, as  well  as   international  economic  and  financial  institutions  and  agencies.

Foreign Investments Department
The Foreign Investments Department is responsible to receive all Foreign Investment Applications as well as issuance of foreign investment license, conduct of affairs related to foreign investment and safeguard of foreign investors rights in approved investment projects, and also to serve the investors by way of assisting, coordinating and facilitating all issues pertaining to their investments throughout the licensing process and ever after.
Legal protections under Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) are as follows:

  •    Compensation for losses in case of expropriation and nationalization of investment
  •    Compensation for losses sustained by the foreign investment resulting from prohibition caused by enactment of law and / or Cabinet decrees.
  •    Transfer of the principal capital, profit and capital gains derived from utilization of capital is possible in the form of foreign currency or, as the case may be, in the form of goods.
  •    Guaranteeing of purchasing   produced goods and services resulting from an investment project by the government agency as a party to the contract where a government agency is the sole purchaser and /or supplier of goods and services at subsidized prices.
  •    Enjoyment of all rights and facilities available to local investments by foreign investors.
    The Foreign Investments Department, while carrying out the duties relating to admission and protection of foreign investments within the framework of FIPPA, is in charge of performing and conducting foreign investment promotion activities inside and outside the Country as well as introducing legal grounds and investment opportunities ,carrying out studies and applied researches ,organizing conferences and seminars ,cooperating with relevant international organizations  and institutions ,and establishing relations and coordination with other agencies in gathering ,compiling and providing information related to foreign investments.

Center for Foreign Investment Services
For the purpose of facilitating and accelerating the fulfillment of the Organizations legal duties in the areas of promotion, admission and protection of foreign investment in the Country, the ''Center for Foreign Investment Services’’ has been established at the premises of the Organization where the representatives of the relevant agencies will be stationed .This Center is the focal point for all referrals by foreign investment applicants to the relevant organizations

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